Preparing for Peace

(A database of papers and lectures from past and present)

"Remember your humanity and abolish war"

(Joseph Rotblat)

In 2000 - that is before 9/11, the war on terrorism, Afghanistan and of course, Iraq - Sir Joseph Rotblat, the Nobel Peace Prize winner came to the historic meeting house of Rookhow, and spoke to a packed room on ‘The Prevention of War in the Nuclear Age’.

Thus Westmorland General Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain, began a peace initiative, called Preparing for Peace, to explore these questions with international experts and witnesses. Read the texts of our papers and public lectures and find out more about our initiative (by Rachel Rogers), publications and education programme.

In November 2003 the lecture series was completed. The education and speaking programme continued until Spring 2008 when the programme was laid down as had been planned. During that time two of the project leaders had prepared general papers which they used as a basis for each of their presentations (see Brian's Walker's paper " Creating a Culture of Peace" [add link] and Daphne Sanders paper " Preparing for Peace - Presentation" [add link]).


We have done what we planned to do and we give you all these resources to to help you take forward the path of Preparing for Peace.

What are the objectives and purposes of war? Are these objectives and purposes achieved?. Do the ends justify the means?

How may we resolve conflict without resorting to violence?

What are the costs of war, both human and environmental?

What is terrorism? Who is involved and what are their objectives? How might we be`tter understand terrorism and help to move the world away from terrorist acts?

Terrorism- Implications for World Peace

War against Terrorism - RUSI Conference Address

Can War Be Controlled and Contained

Conflict and Chaos/ War and Education

Conflict Transformation/ A Multi-Dimensional Task

Creating a Culture of Peace

Development and Security

Effective Multilateralism

Getting to Know Jainism in the context of a warring 21st century

How wars could be prevented/ Friends’ contribution to policy change

Islam and Ethics of War and Peace

Leading a UN Mission/ Angola 1992-93

Peace and Sustainability/ Nurturing Complex Systems

Peace Dividend/ Pathway to achieving UN Millennium Goals

Preparing for Peace - Presentation

The Minds Of Leaders/ De-Linking War And Violence

The quest for global peace

The UN and the Future of Global Governance

We the Peoples/ Building a World Parliament

Thomas Paine (1737-1809), the Quakers and the Abolition of War

Here are some papers on other related issues.

Espionage and Integrity in Today's World


Prosecuting War Criminals


The Law and Nuclear Weapons