About us

‘Quakers’ is the name often used for the Religious Society of Friends.


Quakers believe that we are all on a journey. Whatever our life experience and beliefs, we find that our paths converge in the peace and stillness of a Quaker Meeting. Our form of worship is simple – an hour spent together, without priest or programme, often in silence unless someone is moved to speak. We believe that it is possible for every person to have a real and direct experience of ‘God’.

We believe there is something of ‘God’ in everyone. We seek to find and respond to that with love. We believe that everyone is equal and that our faith is lived through action. We work positively and creatively with others to build a more just and peaceful world.


Quakerism is a way of life: we try to live a life transformed by our experience of the Spirit.

All are welcome to join our Meetings for Worship. Look in “Where We Meet” to find your nearest local Meeting.